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Data Science Salary Survey Report (USA, Europe, APAC) 2018

Throughout 2017, we conducted an online salary survey open to a range of data science professionals in order to capture data to help us better understand the market.

We’ve selected data spanning USA, Europe, and APAC to offer a detailed cross-examination of the Data Science landscape. Through this, we’ve gained great insight into pay and benefits, job satisfaction, technical abilities, and education.

Some key finds  

Our key finds are mainly driven by the nature of a skills short market and the subsequent challenges in the supply vs demand for data science professionals.


Years with current company

Our survey showed that the majority of respondents had spent 1 year or less with their current company. Whilst this is not indicative of experience levels, it signals to the heightened demand for data scientists and the volume of new professionals entering the field. 


Main reasons for leaving current role  

The most popular reason for people wanting to leave their current role was overwhelmingly the potential for higher earning elsewhere. Similarly, this can signify the demand v supply and nature of a candidate driven market. This is closely followed by people wanting a better work/life balance.


The ease and means of finding new work

Most respondents would find it easy to find new work, with the majority preferring to find one through social media sites, recruiters, and network referrals.


We would like to thank all the respondents (over 3,000), and hope to gain more traction over the coming year to make our next report even bigger and better!

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Comment by Ann Rajaram on January 21, 2018 at 5:37pm

where can we see the results or report on this survey?


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