Data Science Central Weekly Digest, 30 Nov 2020

Data Science Central Weekly Digest, 30 Nov 2020

Welcome to the DSC Weekly Digest, a production of Data Science Central. Every week, we pick out the newest and brightest articles on the topic of data ... and how it informs our lives, powers our applications, and provides insights into our world.

From the Editor's Desk

We're now in the holiday dead zone. Projects started earlier in the year are generally slated to either end or hit a transformative phase by December 15th, before everyone becomes fixated on the end of year holidays. Seasonal hiring ramps up, but in the information science space, this period usually tends to be slow, as budgets and schedules are worked out for next year.

If you are relatively new to IT or Data Science, the next month is a good time to burnish your resume, get involved in a Kaggle competition, get a couple of online classes or certifications under your belt. If you haven't yet, put together a Jupyter Notebook online something that shows your chops not only in running algorithms but also (and perhaps more importantly) telling a story with data and visualizations.

2021 is not 2015 - the tools for working with complex data and analytics are out there and polished, which means that what employers are going to be looking for is the degree to which you can add value to their existing data team. Solid communication skills are a big part of that, and if you cannot communicate the significance of your findings, you won't find work.

Data Science Central is your community. It is a chance to learn from other practitioners, and a chance to communicate what you know to the data science community overall. I encourage you to submit original articles and to make your name known to the people that are going to be hiring in the coming year. As always let us know what you think.

One final note: We're trying a new feature this week. Every week the crew here at Data Science Central find intriguing content that we feel would be useful for our community, but which did not originate here. On a trial basis, we're launching Abstracts as a way to summarize these resources and raise their profile. If you have articles that you've written that you'd like to have considered for Abstracts, include a summary of the content of your article in the body when you submit and include the tag Abstracts in the Tag Edit field. We can't promise we'll publish it, but we will certainly review it for consideration.


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