Data Science Apprenticeship: Announcing our First Graduate

Nikitinsky Nikita is the first to complete our DSA, using NLP, web crawling, statistical techniques and Python to cluster our content in top categories: click here to check his project.

To be fair, our intern Livan Alonso (nuclear physicist, post-doctorate at Columbia University) was one of the first candidates, but instead joined us (internship) to work on various projects, including a Twitter app to detect data science thought leaders on Twitter, and track their growth over time.

From Livan. Click here to find the big outlier not shown in this picture.

And then, there is Tom De Smedt, who worked on the Jackknife Regression project and won the award ($1,000) attached to it.

We are currently reviewing many new applications. Accepted candidates will be notified soon. Due to the large volume of applications, priority is given to US residents with a quantitative background (college level plus one year of experience minimum) and familiar with R, Python, and the material in the data science cheat sheet. Other applicants are in our waiting list, and we may partner with an organization to move faster. Keep in mind that our program is mostly do-it-yourself, on-demand, for self-learners, with limited support. But we do accept people coming out of nowhere, sending us or posting a great solution to any of our DSA projects (involving real or simulated data sets): this might be the fastest route to complete the apprenticeship.

We will soon add a new project: detecting fake reviews on Amazon, and estimating the proportion of fake reviews on Amazon.

Finally, make sure that you receive our announcements. This week, we posted a notice about checking your email boxes.

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