There are two major perspectives of Data Science we can look at:

- Consumer/User Perspective
- Data Scientist’s Perspective

This article explores these two areas to ponder upon in little more depth.

- Consumer/User Perspective (User will not like “noise”)

A single user/consumer might need some analysis to either start some study or make some decisions. This single user might be a CIO/CTO or perhaps we can also say that this single user is a group of decision makers to decide some aspects. It means that they have some perspective object decision to make for some reason. This approach is also called Top-Down view of report generated for this user (group of users) by Data Scientist(s).

The report provided to this user is usually geared to the variables this user have provided and related variables on the parametric relationship are also provided to make the report as concrete as possible. For example, if a marketing executive is looking at a report provided, that report should have all aspects of market trends, where the comparison products are heading, who are the buyers, whether the trend is B2B or B2B2C or B2C or C2C. All of these parameters play important role for the user of this typical report to make a right choice among his/her decisions to launch their product. The graphical representation of trends play vital role for the decision makers.

Trend estimation [1] is a statistical technique to aid interpretation of data. When a series of measurements of a process are treated as a time series, trend estimation can be used to make and justify statements about tendencies in the data, by relating the measurements to the times at which they occurred. By using trend estimation it is possible to construct a model which is independent of anything known about the nature of the process of an incompletely understood system (for example, physical, economic, or other system). This model can then be used to describe the behaviour of the observed data.


Users like their reports “noise” free, it is the most important factor one should know before presenting any analytical report to the user. Consider yourself walk in a room full of people speaking at one time (all of them), will you understand a single thing, no way. The question is why not, because there is noise factor. As a human, we need one person to speak first and other to listen and than other to respond back to carry on with the talk to make some meaningful conversation.

- Data Scientist’s Perspective

Kindly stay tuned for this portion of the article…

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