Data Center Infrastructure Management Market led to Wider Spread thanks to Incorporation of DCIM Solutions in IT Industry

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions are the most effective way to reduce data center operating costs. DCIM solutions provide significant value to IT organizations that are concerned about the energy consumption and improvement in operational efficiency in their data centers. DCIM is a combination of IT and facilities management that helps enable faultless monitoring of all systems in IT and facility infrastructure.

DCIM Emerges as a Strategic Tool for Burgeoning IT Industry

Over the recent years, the global DCIM market has attracted effective business by being able to offer superior cost- and time-saving benefits to customers from all over the world. As the demand for IT services is growing, data centers are getting bigger and more dynamic in terms of functionality and operations.

The entire business value of any DCIM solution is entrenched in how well-developed and integrated data center solutions are to the overall infrastructure of the data center management domain. The DCIM market is not only limited to power management capabilities, physical security, or ensuring the comfort of the employees, but also caters to the IT service management process and systems on the whole.

Two Main Factors Driving the DCIM Evolution

The DCIM market has become a key market generating enormous market acceptance worldwide. In the past two years, this market has quickly become ubiquitous in IT facility infrastructure to help improve data center energy efficiency.

Integrations with virtualization solutions: Increasing demand for data center virtualization from key markets and vendors for IT and facilities management is fueling the growth of the global DCIM market. High growth in cloud computing and enterprise virtualization is leading to an increased demand for data centers worldwide. Growing power consumption, effective virtualization, cloud computing, heat densities, and consolidation of data centers are increasing the dependency on IT systems. Hence, the need for industry’s top virtualization platforms emerges across many IT organizations.

RFID technology in DCIM: The integration of RFID technology in DCIM makes it easy to manage the physical assets and monitor various activities in the IT environment. RFID utilizes the radio-frequency identification technology to track IT assets in real time. With the help of RFID users can now scan the IT systems before the data is collected and connected with a central database. RFID dramatically simplifies the processes by which physical assets are managed.

DCIM Leading IT market space

DCIM is a panacea for a spectrum of challenges in the IT and data center domain. DCIM solutions are widely used because DCIM products combine numerous features such as cooling systems monitoring and control, power monitoring and control, capacity planning, data enter simulation, and IT asset management, into one easily controllable facility. The data center infrastructure management market helps optimize the performance, business value, and efficiency of the physical infrastructure of the IT industry, thus transforming the overall IT ecosystem.

Growth in DCIM Market – Not Rocketing, but Thriving

Growth of the DCIM market is anticipated to rise and accelerate in the next five years. Until 2018, IT and facility vendors will benefit from retail, market segmentation, telecommunications, healthcare, and banking and finance.

Although the DCIM market is one of the rapidly growing software sectors in the world, it is still small in the perspective of the enterprise software market. Studies led by leading market analysts on the DCIM market forecast that the growth rate of the DCIM market in the next four years will outstrip that of the data center equipment and enterprise software. The DCIM market is proving attractive to key equipment suppliers and market players. Some of these major market players are CA Technologies, Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, and Emerson Electric Co.

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