Could Data Science lead to societal harmony?

Data Science has made great strides in the last couple of decades and has promise to improve the lives of everyone. Like any technology some may view these developments to be not such a great blessing after all. I felt taking a few moments to reflect on the long-term consequences might be of some value.

I came across this post after a lapse of a season and realized that the data-science has a potential to unify the biological minds of the past, present and the future generations in infinite ways. It is the dynamic nature of the data to morph, adapt and enlighten that is so engrossing and powerful.

With the ability to transform data to meaningful and aesthetic purposes can data-science enhance the quality of life at several levels of societal roles and engagements. A flexible and unrestricted flow of data can create an infinite mechanism to understand, reflect and ponder. Should anyone fear these possibilities?  Could data science become the holy grail to peace and harmony? instead of the feared instrument of privacy violations? If so, how?        

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