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This is a lesson  from one of our Data Science for Lawyers Workshops (Moderately Advanced). It is part of our Quantative Analysis in Legal Data sessions. For Data Scientists and Data Practitioners alike this sort of Tutorial is very elementary, you are not going to learn anything new here.

However I think that Data Science practitioners will benefit from being exposed to Legal Data in this particular form. The textual rigidity of Legal Data makes it very hard to even contemplate applying quantative techniques like Correlation Coefficient to it. As a Data Science practitioner analysing Legal Data you will quickly come to the realization that many Data Science tools are simply useless when being applied to textually rigid Legal Data.  

In previous articles we presented our own unique method of dealing with this sort of Text-Heavy Data, here   and here . Hopefully this Tutorial and the sample Data therein will help add clarity to our Metric System and how it works.

We would appreciate any feed-back from you.

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