Continuous Learning for Humans: The Key Toward the AI Disruption

 “Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It is more profound than electricity or fire,” says Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Comparing artificial intelligence with fire or electricity may perhaps be a bold statement. However, you never know, it may just be true.

Artificial intelligence is on track to take over the world. By 2030, every area that is influenced by AI will cause a huge impact on our daily lives, a study by Stanford University.

The age of the new technology has dawned and life will not be the same across the universe.

Stephen Hawking said, AI could either be the best or the worst thing that will ever happen to humanity. Well, we’re already seeing the transformation taking place drastically. From the world of fiction to experiencing how companies are being affected by this disruption – there’s change everywhere.

This has led to narrative butting heads. Some say people are now expendable and some will reskill and relearn to take control over their lives.

But how can this be done?

By reskilling, reinventing, and taking up certification programs from the best AI certification bodies provided by education providers can be your best bet today.

If you’re looking for lifelong learning, earning a university degree may not be able to cater to your needs on a longer run. Moreover, with AI predicted to disrupt our lives by 2030, upskilling and reskilling could keep you intact with the current industry trends.

As organizations look forward to adopting artificial intelligence, it is wise to take up a career in AI and look ahead about what the future looks like.

The future of artificial intelligence will need to depend on continuous learning. As technology evolves so will the skills. As AI professionals enter this domain, organizations should also aim toward developing the workforce for tomorrow’s AI future.

Companies need to understand that technology is rapidly growing and workforce changing. Thus, if our career paths keep evolving and our skills don’t, it is evident you will fall behind.

Technology professionals should not be worried about how this change will transform their lives rather put their focus on AI certifications and embrace this disruption.

The advancement of AI will enable humans and machines to work together in harmony. To prepare the future of the workforce, organizations must now realize the fact the AI is going to be the next revolution.      

  • Developing future-ready skills – it is a race between education and technology. The only factor that will reshape the future workforce is the set of newer skills. You need to speed up your experiential learning techniques and broaden your skillsets by grabbing one of the best AI certifications.
  • Understanding the future workforce – Singapore is said to be the first country to recognize the potential of fast-maturing technologies. Leaders around the world are enthusiastic about learning these emerging technologies providing value to businesses.
  • Reworking the revolution – the success of business entirely depends on people and machines working together. Companies should now pivot ways and newer growth models to enhance the efficiency of their workforce.

A report by McKinsey reported that by 2030, there will be around 800 million workers who will lose their jobs to the robots.

However, this may sound scary but if employers want to retain their best employee they will need to prepare them for the future workforce. Once there’s a confirmation that the company and the employees are skill ready, this simply means your company along with the team are ready to take up tomorrow’s newer challenges.

AI capabilities are now being explored by many government agencies.

Today, AI offers benefits that are negligent if ignored!

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