Comprehensive predictive analytics market research (2013-2018)

Received in my mailbox - interesting market research report on predictive analytics. See highlights in this rather long and detailed PDF document.

Hi Vincent,

Allow me to introduce myself I am Abhishek Alate and I am part of ICT Strategy team at MarketsandMarkets, a US based global market research and consulting firm.

This mail is regarding the Predictive Analytics report which is uniquely authored by MarketsandMarkets. It is the most exhaustive report in the market and reports by other research firms do not even come close to the depth of information that is provided in this report. Unlike reports from other firms, we have gone beyond basic segment definitions and drives and provided detailed numerical data to allow recognition of prospects in the Predictive Analytics market. To give you a sneak peek into the report, I have attached the report Brochure for your reference.

What is there in this report for Data Science Central?

  • Segmented Predictive Analytics Market by Industry Verticals(Banking And Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Environment And Government, Consumer Goods And Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation And Logistics, Travel And Hospitality, Telecommunication And IT, Media And Entertainment, Sports, Energy & Utilities And Oil & Gas, Others); Geographies(NA, Europe, APAC, MEA, LA);Primer Markets(Big Data, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud);
  • Market sizing / trend and growth estimates of each the identified segments
  • Various Market Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities
  • Competitive landscape of the market: Value chain, M&As, VC Funding, NPD


Granular ramification of Predictive Analytics market will help Data Science Central to build a multi dimensional understanding of the Predictive Analytics market allowing Data Science Central to map which solutions are dominant across various geographies and which are the new solution which are gaining influential value. We also provide explanations of such movements in the markets in terms of the various factors which enable growth and also act as restrains in this market. Just with this information, this research would have been the most comprehensive in the market, but, we have gone further and provided the Adoption roadmaps the various best practices and developments in this field as well.

Typically, like our existing clients, you can use this report in multiple ways like, what is the sweet spot for Data Science Central in terms of the segmented markets, thus, positioning itself in a particular segment, or what are the approaches to extend our present services into this market or even for focusing development efforts or sales efforts on a particular industry or geography. We are aggressive in catering to clients requirements and provide a 10% customization option free with the corporate license.  

Let me know your thoughts on this.

I look forward to hear from you shortly.


Abhishek Alate

[email protected]

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