Relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding. Building a 360 degree customer data profile facilitates the marketers’ understanding of their customers.  This in turn, helps marketers provide their customers the best experience and service, target product offerings, and produce relevant communications. The key to building a 360-degree customer profile is aggregating as much relative data as possible.  Centralizing the 360-degree profile in an easily accessible and robust analytical environment helps marketers optimize solutions and refine strategies.

The Multi-faceted Data Integration and Analytical System. It is important that your company has the capability to maintain a data integration system that automatically extracts, transforms, loads and houses customer data, in a platform that is robust and agile enough to handle complex queries, standard reporting and support business intelligence tools, thus, providing the marketer with easy access to a complete customer picture.  This will allow the marketer to drill down and unearth unique solutions and opportunities.

What classes of data can be harnessed to provide marketers with the big picture? Having a single source for all customer related attributes and activities will be a valuable asset for planning, strategizing, and understanding the customer’s value to the company. Questions presented below can provide a framework for companies to use to extract attitudinal, behavioral, and demographic behaviors about the customer:

Centralizing relevant data about customers in one location for marketers will ultimately increase ­­overall efficiency and effectiveness, thus saving your company time and money over the long run. Our next segment will discuss how to share the 360 degree profile effectively to agents and brokers.


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