Relationship & Money are playing predominant part in exorbitant lifestyle. Perhaps ,Industries and Technology revolution are dragging us into this busiest world. But, no one want to give up them since without these stuffs , we can’t live and moving forward for the betterment. Thinking about the future is good idea, no one will determined which will be driving our future. If you think that is money, then why are we dealing currencies as number with digital techniques. If you say relationship, then why we miss to live with loved one & run to get for something. Though, all those things can be dealt with TIME.

Relevance of time & its concept must have been read by everyone at one point of their lifetime. Not sure, how many of us think about  applying those concepts  into our own life. Answer would be NO, since we are in competitive world and spend time to look at others life to compare ours with it. Few of them are exceptional and they would look at their cup and follow their instincts. We can’t say for sure whether this attitude is  correct and will bring a positive change. Anyways , it leads to an experience either good or bad.

Rate our gain & loss in both relationship and Money, we might get “A” result. But, the result would be Neutral when we compare it with TIME. Yes, Time will bring all the things that we like or love and our need will decide the measure. The measure would be calculated from our brain and it plots a SINE curve. Of course,  It should have both ups & downs since measurement is directly proportional to time but WE are the permanent one for all the time.  Finally, the net result would be determined based on how much persistence that we have to face the upcoming “TIME”.

Result would be predictable, if we look at past instead of future. We just collect our all past time data with incidents, will assess the situation then do the plot for it. It would be considered as training data ( whatever we did in our past are experience – data) and do the test for our own. If we are not doing this one, no worries. Technology will take care to predict our self and put it in appropriate cluster. No one will raise your hands to find the meaning for “privacy”, it’s all already public. Try to understand by collecting data of you, build your TIME machine for future. Hope, you remember the saying “ present will be past in future”.

Happy Learning!. Best wishes to get a new time machine.

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