Data science might be one of the hottest buzzwords in 2013. But is it only a marketing gimmick? I don’t think so. In my opinion, data science can be the best protocol that reveals what’s happening every day in the real world.

The data science incorporates mathematics, statistics, computer science and various disciplines along with our experiences from lessons learnt to polish predictions and help us to make fact-based decisions. It contributes significantly to the domains of fraud detection, ad placement, medical records analysis…etc., de facto, it can also penetrates our daily life deeply. Not necessarily processing BIG data, it can digest signals captured to supply intelligence for assisting our personal life in every facet, from driving strategy to health control. Imagine, your laptop gathers your pattern of page-views and combines it with the content of web pages then it directs you to a website you may like based on a recommendation algorithm; or, your mobile phone finds you a nice pair of shoes at a price you can afford according to your monthly budget and your browsing records. That may sound like sci-fi, but when your portable device is powerful enough to compute in real-time on existing devices, you can take control of the data you have, both online and offline.

The data science empowers analyses in enterprise big data but it can also enrich the applications of personal big data. An affordable yet agile data-computing engine is the key to switch on versatile data science cases with datasets of all scales.

Commodity machines are getting transformed to computing monsters as 64-bit architecture brings us a virtually infinite address space. A proper implementation on a 64-bit device can fuel the analysis on personal big data. As Qualcomm announced the coming of 64-bit chipset, the powerful data science is now coming to your fingertip. Seen the movie “her”? Your phone can be Samantha soon. Not necessarily that sexy, but close. 

Make it happen.

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