BIG Data Mining and Predictive Modeling - Plate Tectonics, But Not an Earth Quake

BIG data, Mobile, Web, Cloud - Plate Tectonics, But Not an Earth Quake for Some -The Destruction/Construction of Trillion Dollars Shift in the Next 10 years

The desperation for change worth $100s Billions has started happening.  I see the signs in retail, health, security, and privacy that will get shaken due to the convergence of Mobile, Web, BIG data, and Cloud .  I will list down 100 cases of retail companies, health care entities, and security organizations that will shift their consumer Relationship and Engagement Model, Lego-block the components of BRICK - CLICK - MOBILE - Big-data - Cloud structures with the consumers to benefit by the development, construction, and smart utilization of mobile, BIG data, location, identity, link, and fulfillment services.

If the pundits predictions are in any way indications of what is coming we are likely to see such predictions coming much faster in the world of health, security, retail, technology, lifestyle, work, education, training, child care, and retirement - due to the plate tectonic shifts in the coming age of convergence of Mobile, Money handling, Big Data, Location-Identity-Links of individuals; all because consumers are adopting the fast transformation with myriads of channels and activities in mobile web.  It is going to be both an opportunity to thrive and desperation to survive and privacy will get its heightened importance.

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