What on earth makes the world go round?

  • Is Big Data the next President of the United States of America?
  • Can small people create Big Data?

Well, your guess is not far from the truth! Gone are the days when big machines were the gizmo for nerds and geeks! Today, there is a revolutionary paradigm shift in favor of small machines with capacity for big data!

Businesses are going online at a rate never imagined before in the entire history of the universe. Who thought that electronic commerce would be the most effective way to transact business from the developed world to the least developed world across the various corners of the globe--does the globe have corners anyway?

Big Data has provided numerous answers to a myriad of questions and reflections of ordinary and not so ordinary people. The power of computing coupled with the essence of predictive analytics has now brought to life numerous careers in the computing world! What is more, the so called corners of the globe have vanished and a global village has been created!

Now it is never too far if you live in Japan and want to shop in Sweden. Imagine you are riding a boat at the spectacular Kenyan waters off Mombasa island as you socialize through Skype and other social media platforms to other friends in Europe, America and Asia. Would all these be possible if Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook were not leveraging the power of Big Data?

Finally, let me say Big Data will be the next president of the United Sates....you see any aspiring president of the U.S in this day and age has to get Big Data experts. They have to intelligently sift through terabytes of internet data and tailor custom-made campaign messages that resonate with the electorate. Thus, any serious presidential candidate has to leverage the power of Big Data to win big!

Last but not least, if you are reading this article, it is because of Big Data! I will tell you why when I write the next article! However, you can use Big Data to find out for yourself!

By Christopher Alvin Mokaya

e-mail: [email protected]

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Tags: Analytics, Big, Data, Media, Predictive, Social, e-commerce


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