Big Data: information, propaganda, disinformation and deception

The Big Data wave makes us take a new step in the information age in which we live. Data & information have taken a central place in all our activities; even war is concerned (information warfare, electronic warfare, for example). In the information age, the power of ideas plays a more and more prominent role, but as the principle of skepticism is largely widespread, our era is also the era of suspicion and mistrust. Normally there are always data that are transformed into information, which requires particular expertise, knowledge, ethics, and exposes us to many twists: secret (information enclosed) rumor (zero degree of information), propaganda, disinformation or deception.

For example, advertising is a form of propaganda that is accepted in our society, it is used to develop a "pleading" for a product or a brand. It is promoting a point of view in order to convince, but also to block the brain function; it is typically the role of suggestive advertising to prevent the brain works analytically and critically. Advertising, as all actions propaganda has individual or crowd conditioning goals. Propaganda tries to seduce, to rally, to convert the undecided camp, to strengthen supporter’s convictions, to shake the skeptics, but in some cases (excluding advertising) to demoralize, terrorize opponents. It should be noted here that terrorism is an act of propaganda which bases its power on the violence of the message.

Disinformation deliberately tries to distort the understanding of a situation. Disinformation provides false information to guide in the wrong direction. Often it presents in a biased way a fact, provides biased information, and covers their true information in an avalanche of comments and details. Disinformation champions are the politicians. The politically correct expressions are a form of disinformation, and the double talk another form. The big question here is whether disinformation could be morally honest, as it serves respectable objectives? 

In handling information, the gold medal goes to deception actions. There are different forms of deception, gentle (hoaxes, April fool …) and hard (example: commercial scams). The militaries are experts of this type of manipulation, already highly recommended five centuries before Christ by Sun Tzu who devotes a chapter of his famous book to deception. The references for this type of military action are many: Trojan horse, Horace and Curiace, EMS Dispatch, and during World War II, Pearl Harbor, Barbarosa, Mincemeat and Overlord. Deception actions systematically use stratagem, combination of false clues, luring sequence of actions, the use of defectors, spies and traitors in order to drive the enemy who distrusts to the wrong decision and to fatal behavior.

The world of Big Data is presented on a sympathetic angle, as for example the possibility to improve market understanding, but no doubt it will be a good source for powering many acts of propaganda, disinformation and deception.

To go further on the topic you can download the following presentation:  http://www.decideo.fr/bruley/docs/surprise%2C_secrecy%2C_and_decept...


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Comment by Jean Michel LeTennier on June 16, 2013 at 6:56am

Imagine being able to do anything your mind can imagine, well now it can..
The 6th Normal Form is not a TERM.. it is a GOAL.. the "holy Grail" if you will of data management and more importantly "Information" management.. Imagine being able to Store IDEAS as opposed to disconnected bits of data..

A brief "INCORRECT" comment on WIKI.. "A relvar R [table] is in sixth normal form (abbreviated 6NF) if and only if it satisfies no nontrivial join dependencies at all — where, as before, a join dependency is trivial if and only if at least one of the projections (possibly U_projections) involved is taken over the set of all attributes of the relvar [table] concerned.[Date et al.]["

The TRUE definition of 6th Normal form is OBJECT Database.. where each and every piece of information/data is ATOMIC in nature and can be associated with any other piece of data/information, and thus NO restrictions.. NO constraints.. NO tables, NO Rows, NO VIEWS, NO CUBES... the correct term is "ASSOCIATIVE DATABASE" or Information system as it is in 3 dimensions by default.. and technically (N) dimensions

the advantages are thus:
100x SQL/ROW/TABLE speed
1/3 disk space
1 EXABYTE capacity - Single instance storage.. (no piece of data is ever duplicated)
Security - Un-hackable - there is nothing to hack into
NO QUERIES - we use filtering
NO TABLES - thus no indexing to worry about
Automated data aggregation - as many sources as required..

and that is just the start.. ;-)

let me know if you are interested in seeing it.. ? as a scientist. I think you would find it fascinating.. basically a 10 year old can now be taught to build data warehouses. ;-)

send me your external email and I will send you more info if you like, and yes this is going to market as we speak ..
If you want more information, I can add you to my Dropbox.com shared folder if you would like more information and a video is available there as well 

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