Big Data Helps Businesses Identify Prospective Customers and Increase Sales

Big data is a term that has attracted the attention of nearly every chief manager in current digital arena as it offers them a treasure trove of prospective leads. A massive amount of data is available through websites, CRM solutions, social networks, analytics and news feeds. But this data is present in structured, semi-structured and unstructured form, therefore requires deployment of sophisticated tools to make right sense out of it.


Big data crunching holds the key to understand shopping habits of customers and segregate them into different groups. Big data analytics helps you get access to vital information of customers, like what products they recently looked for on the internet, which product advertisements they clicked on, which products they read the reviews of and many more. Such information at your disposal means you can make a list of prospective customers who have shown interests in kinds of products you have on offer. Thus, making it simple for you to target them via emails, phone calls, social channels etc to convert them into sales.


Big data experts estimate that 1.7 megabytes of new information about every human being will be created every second by 2017. Google witnesses 40,000 search queries every second alone. Now, you can imagine the extent to which big data is created every day. Many businesses are now using big data strategies to boost their sales and consider them as significant part of their marketing strategies.


IBM and Cloudera have already established a strong foothold in big data market by offering big data solutions that help businesses skyrocket their sales. In early days of big data, many companies were not as willing to invest in big data solutions as they are today. But now, they know that big data not only helps soar sales through lead generation of prospective customers, but allows to stay ahead of competitors as well.

Check out the info-graphics below for some important Big Data Impact on Sales.

Thanks to FindNerd, an online project management tools platform and an active collaborative network for tech nerds for providing such info-graphics.


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