Big Data for the Public Good - Seminar Series

We are generating more data than ever before. Thanks to the data scientists who organize and analyze this information, this abundance of Big Data can be harnessed to serve the public interest in innovative ways.

Big Data for the Public Good is a four-part seminar series hosted by Code for America in San Francisco and sponsored by Greenplum, a division of EMC, that explores how data scientists and change agents are harnessing the big data explosion to address the great opportunities and pressing challenges of our time.

Checkout Mike Migurski and Eric Rodenbeck of Stamen Design tell a story and inspire change using data visualization. See first-hand how data scientists handle massive amounts of information in various formats by attending one in San Francisco.

Stamen Design: Data Visualization


Seminar 1: Data Visualization

Data for Public Good: Data Visualization

Mike Migurski and Eric Rodenbeck of Stamen Design presented the first seminar on storytelling in the era of Big Data. How can we create compelling narratives from data? What is the potential of data visualization to serve the public good?  Watch the video online and read the article that describes how data scientists, designers and developers sharing an inventive storytelling vision can make information relevant to broad audiences and inspire social change.
Data for Public Good: Data Without Borders


Next Up
Seminar 2: Data Without Borders

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On March 19, 2012, Jake Porway from Data Without Borders and The New York Times will present the second seminar at the Code for America office in San Francisco. It’s a given that large companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook maintain dedicated data science teams with full-time analysts who examine user data in real time. Non-profits do not share this luxury, often lacking the resources to analyze and act upon their rich datasets. Jake Porway speaks about Data Without Borders, a group that harnesses the data science community to provide non-profits with these resources, so that they may “use data in the service of humanity.”

Read more and register to attend one of the Big Data for Public Good seminars hosted by Code for America and sponsored by Greenplum, a division of EMC.

Getting Agile Through Big Data Analytics


Greenplum Webcast:
Getting Agile with Big Data Analytics

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James Kobielus of Forrester Research, Mike Maxey of Greenplum, and Ankur Varma of Silver Spring Networks will present a live webcast on Tuesday, March 6.

Learn why Big Data productivity requires an upgrade to a purpose-built, unified analytics platform and how bringing this capability into your organization gives you a decision advantage that will put you ahead of your competition.

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