We are witnessing a paradigm shift in Data Environment. In recent years, Big Data has risen on the technology horizons and is under the aspect of efficient and cost effective management and analysis of vast amounts of data for both public and private organizations. There are several organizations, which are trying to harness this continuing data stream, and in 2014, several of these organizations will go about making this data available in real time .

Any organization, that want to take advantage, no matter they are automotive, financial or healthcare concerns, the latest developments in the field of in-memory data management are blurring between, computing algorithms over operational data and analytical data between datacenters and data warehouses, there will be any of the medium term otherwise will more likely be eliminated entirely .

Famous Extract, Transform and Load to or from some data warehouse – usually we otherwise call it ETL , Batch or any designed aggregation mechanisms, using Hadoop/MapReduce or YARN are now found in resulting time delay and need to be replaced in 2014 by realtime dashboards. Consider we are driving a car, our physical dashboard with odo meter, gas gauge, heat indicator, cd/aux/radio/FM player are with us no matter, how advancement we have seen in last several decades in our automotive industry. This physical dashboard has a significance, as long as we are driving humanly, we will need it, and you will agree here that we are processing data as our data environment (physical location of vehicle) is changing every moment, as long it is in motion, and our decisions are accordingly to stop at red light and be aware of a deer or a moose or any other animal/human crossing the road not hit it.

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