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Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for Better Customer Experience in Small Businesses

Companies are directing a lot of resources towards data mining and data analytics. Analysis of big data can help improve a business’s online marketing strategy, since the needs of the customer are better understood, and the business can then find ways to effectively anticipate and address those needs.

Today, there is a lot of data a business can collect, manage and interpret, especially for online marketing companies which can inform various specialists including social media experts, web designers, web developers, SEO experts and data analysts, among others. These experts are able to translate all the available data into meaningful information for their use and execute it as business intelligence.

This is done through the use of business analytics which can identify current business, audience and marketing trends as well as measure metrics that can enable businesses both big and small to develop effective online marketing strategies.

Data intelligence for better online marketing strategies

Web designers and marketers today have access to a wealth of information, which makes for useful intelligence with proper application. You can use analytical techniques/tools to make use of opportunities to fortify your customer/audience intelligence. You will need to focus on critical data needed for the analytics process, which is done by:

  • Filtering data to come up with only what is relevant for your business
  • Identifying particular metrics which will draw out people from your audience who are likely to convert to customers
  • Using web and data analytical tools to track internet marketing campaigns and measure results
  • Executing available big data to derive meaningful interpretations and structures that can inform both online marketing campaigns and design strategies to result in better customer engagement

Data analytical strategies can help small businesses, whose marketing budgets are more limited, employ better web design and marketing concepts which will improve their repertoire of data intelligence. Through this process, their ability to give more targeted service amid changing customer demands and requirements is improved.

Data intelligence can be applied to fortify search engine optimization strategies and to raise customer engagement with the business, which is also important for effective web design. It gives small business more cost-efficient and effective tools and information to track online marketing achievements and give more consumer-targeted strategies.

Exploration of data and metrics for analysis can more easily pinpoint strengths and flaws in your design and marketing strategies. Below are techniques you can use to increase your data intelligence, hence deliver more targeted and effective results for your marketing efforts.

1.      Ensure the business is digitally connected to your target audience

The digital space gives vast room to find and connect with customers to whom you can market your products and services. The online environment gives small businesses limitless room for expansion of their reach and visibility, leveling the playing field with bigger competitors. Big data can be used to analytically draw out customer intelligence for more optimal design and marketing strategies.

The best way is for small businesses to concentrate on strategies which will enable the business to reach a bigger audience without sacrificing the quality of engagement with audiences already reached, including:

  • Building a website to leverage the internet’s ability to broadcast your business to a geographically limitless audience
  • Leverage the knowledge and skills of web design/development experts to ensure your business website is able to offer the best user experience including better online viewing and navigation for site visitors
  • Apply data analytics to take stock of different mobile devices used by your potential audiences and ensure that your website design effectively renders on all these devices. It should fit their viewing behavior and be optimized for as many mobile platforms as possible
  • Use social media data and SEO metrics to grow your social media assets which will increase your business exposure in organic search and social media networks


2.      Use data analytics to identify your audience’s preferences

Customer preferences are constantly changing, and data analytics provides a reliable tool to collect and process this information on consumer behavior and buying habits. Big data gives small businesses measurable metrics and intelligence which can improve the relevance of your site and content to your target audience.

This is done through the use of predictive models like audience segmentation which can monitor your customers’ buying habits to separate old customers from new, repeat customers from single-purchase ones, among others.

  • Customers are grouped as per their buying behavior and preferences, and the new segments are used to create more targeted messages
  • Social data intelligence can be used to understand how and how much consumers are engaging with the business/brand on social platforms
  • Intelligent algorithms and tools are applied to big data to give better customer insights and deliver targeted ads to every consumer


3.      Use data analytics to gain customer behavioral impressions

Data analytics can help you derive more objective and accurate intelligence from big data on customer behavior and impressions of the business. Through big data analytics, you have access to more objective metrics and resources to enable you measure how competently your business is addressing consumer queries and meeting their needs at any given time.

The help of SEO experts and web designers and developers can be enlisted to give more valuable data intelligence which would then make your website more accessible and relevant and hence more highly ranked in organic searches.

  • Metrics analyzed by professional web designers and internet marketing services can deliver a more meaningful user experience and engagement
  • Get a real-time tracking of customer impressions and preferences for all your web pages
  • Monitor these impressions by tracking engagement levels for each page using the relevant metrics
  • Generate a page click-through rate for all your customers’ visits


Customer data intelligence empowers small business owners by giving them more meaningful data to analyze customer behavior and business performance. Objective and valuable data thus collected from internal and external resources can then help drive business growth, and help small businesses direct their limited marketing resources towards strategies that will result in the highest conversions, engagement and sales.

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Jack Dawson is a web developer and UI/UX specialist at He works at a design, branding and marketing firm, having founded the same firm 9 years ago. He likes to share knowledge and points of view with other developers and consumers on platforms.

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