Since the inception of human being information in any shape is utilized by us.For quite a while organizations have been using the data to make informed decisions. In a sense Analytics is just a buzz word that is taken as the application to this decision making process. let's suppose you're in the professional education profession, you might be an instructor with a Big Data solution provider, internally, or you might be an instructor to teach client organizations staff. You might be a Big Data or Cloud administrator. So what are some objectives you have? Well one objective is to make the staff you are training, more ready for their jobs. This means you will be using data of these training participant's assigned work's results to improve their performance. You might work for a not for profit company that's goal is to raise funding for helping some causes, which means that you probably would like to help your organization in these ventures. So how can we use data to help our organization to raise a higher funding?

It is a fact that when we even speak with each other, whether we notice or not there is the talk that we are doing  and we are always getting noise, that might someone speaking near use over the phone or cars driving by, what we have to worry about there is, is there noise in the data. As this noise is the distraction that we can hear with our ears, how computer or an algorithm will know, what is noise, what is data to process with. We use several algorithms for extracting meaningful data for us from the noise. How we decompose the signal to noise is really an area for Data Analysts. Our computer program should understand what was signal and what was noise.

In the contemporary world today we have much more data available, which we also know as Big Data. Every product that is available anywhere, electronically or in a physical store, the composition of the product, the price of the product, the benefits and more factors are available to use, who are consumers to make informed decisions. The major factor that is now emphasizing on Big Data is the importance of analytics is, that smart devices and computers are getting faster, and faster. These are the areas, where Big Data Analytics are playing and will play significant paradigm shift for all of us in 2014 and beyond.

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