An important question in the contemporary world of social media and the business ventures using Cloud seems like hype. Organizations, academics are trying to introduce Big Data analytic curriculum to solve associated analysis problems, which seems not to be handled by the graduates and experts of Statistics, Mathematics, Biologists, Chemists and also Sociologists, we do not even discuss rest for the sake of readers’ time. 

Big Data as we have so far discovered by the research, print (e-print more of in blogs, on videos, in conferences etc) media for any business, a research concern is available and accumulating in any type of formats, whether it is a report (on-going sales report, retail B2B report) or a qualitative research conducted by a market research firm, it can also be in the form of logical analysis of some situations to draw upon some continuous data, analysis of signals generated by the sensors, in some sort of work with audio visual forms of data.

The curriculum established for several decades or in last few centuries of Mathematics and Statistics have several ways to overcome these analytical needs with defined algorithms, in case, if we are not that deep in any of these mentioned fields, we do posses many experts, who can help us learn and understand these methods, for example the data dispersion can be found out of a huge data sample with some confidence using Standard Deviation. It will definitely help to solve or partially provide us with results one might be looking for.

For more details, you can read the book "Big Data, NoSQL, Cloud A Paradigm Shift", which is available at  http://lnkd.in/b2xiuqy.

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