We establish understanding of things in terms of Data or it will be better to say in terms of Big Data, the utilization of things, matters, issues, inventions, surroundings, maps and much more throughout our everyday life cycle, all of which has a certain data type to get input, process and output for us. Sometime we understand these in almost no time as a human, where data is being originated, what are we targeting for and more, and there are times, when some thing might take longer for us to grasp the essence of this thing/issue/matter/conflict etc. as there might be several data streams needed to be assimilated to produce our desired results The heuristics play extremely important role in our understanding, however to make computers understand we have to take machine learning as the knowledge base. one plus one is two, someone told us some day, how we can prove that one plus one is equals to two in reality, that is the actual essence of understanding this simple arithmetic problem, which applies to the ETL tools in the world of Big Data. 

To understand a paradox, which is an argument that produces an inconsistency, needs more research in depth to make sure that the argument is either correct or wrong, or wrongly put or entirely absurd, we use algorithms to apply on Big Data to make sure we are not getting garbage out instead of golden needle that we are after from the Big Data we are working with. However the details about such argument might be helpful to resolve the conflict within the same argument in real life, in automated life of an application this is resolved within embedded algorithms. Understanding provides us an edge to move forward in life and decide on the basis of our updated knowledge to dig either deeper in the issue or move on to understand some other matter. It is always a decent thing to spread your understanding via writing or by other means, as this discussion opens more doors, as it is one of the possibilities that the understanding that we achieved is by itself either complete or incomplete or entirely taking us to a wrong path. The utilization of machine learning with Big Data can create desirable result sets to proceed with.

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