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10 Harvard Business Review Articles that you should Read

There are various outlets publishing high quality articles about data science, analytics, big data, machine learning and related fields. These outlets can be broken down in the following categories:

  • Professional associations: ASA (Amstat News), IEEE/Spectrum, Informs
  • Corporate blogs and magazines: IBM big data hub, Pivotal, Teradata, Tableau
  • Niche publishers: Data Science Central (check our weekly digest series and our RSS feeds
  • Newsletter and journals from top universities: Harvard (see below), Wharton school,  MIT Sloan school of business
  • Mainstream journals: Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Forbes, The Economist have journalists regularly covering big data and data science. Google guardian+data+science to find articles published in the Guardian. 
  • Miscellaneous:  LinkedIn Pulse (check the big data channel), Google news for specific keywords, for instance for data+science
  • Individual blogs: too numerous to list, but try this list (2,500 categorized blogs), and this one (600 blogs about R)

Another way to find such articles is to check twitter accounts from top authors and aggregators: click here and here to find these authors/aggregators. is a website that categorizes and ranks these authors based on their social network presence and influence.

Below is a selection of 10 articles from Harvard (HBR):

Many others can be found in our top articles series, covering the whole spectrum of publications. Below are recent editions, each one featuring dozens of carefully selected articles: 

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