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Benefits of Data warehouse and Business Intelligence

The prime benefit of data warehousing is simplicity. The presentation of data in data warehousing is a single image. This single image is made by collecting data from different department of the organisation. Due to this, time for production and operation of data reduces and thus simplifies the decision making as well. This reduction of time to access data also leads to increase in production and effectiveness. Data warehouse will also help to enhance the function of operational systems. It means that there won’t be any hamper in the regular process of the system even if user will operate any other operation rather than normal one. As data warehouse has technical infrastructure, it is flexible and scalable in nature and supports for both technical and business changeable environment. It gathers raw data as well as manages the flow of information which helps the user to make decisions because of its appropriate information (Furlow, 2001).

Business intelligence is responsible for transcribing raw data into information and knowledge. This will create an effective decision making and strategic process. For any business, value of business intelligence is primarily discussed as an information process which provides some basis for making some basic changes in a specific venture such as introducing new collaboration, making new marketplace, acquiring new clients, offering new products in the market (Olszak and Ziemba, 2007).


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