Associations and Correlations - The Essential Elements

In writing this book my primary aim is to guide the beginner to the essential elements of associations and correlations and avoid the most common pit-falls.

Here, I discuss a holistic method of discovering the story of all the relationships in your data by introducing and using a variety of the most used association and correlation tests (and helping you to choose them correctly). The holistic method is about selecting the most appropriate univariate and multivariate tests and using them together in a single strategic framework to give you confidence that the story you discover is likely to be the true story of your data.

Associations and Correlations - The Essential Elements is a book of 7 chapters, and takes you through:

  1. Data Collection and Cleaning
  2. Data Classification
  3. Introduction to Associations and Correlations
  4. Univariate Statistics
  5. Multivariate Statistics
  6. Visualising Your Relationships
  7. Automating Associations and Correlations

Although this is a book for beginners, written for ease-of-reading, my hope is that more experienced practitioners might also find value.

It is a thorough introduction to the building blocks of discovering and visualising the relationships within your data and I hope you enjoy it!

You can download a free copy in any of pdf, epub or mobi formats from here

About the Author

Lee Baker is an award-winning software creator with a passion for turning data into a story.
A proud Yorkshireman, he now lives by the sparkling shores of the East Coast of Scotland. Physicist, statistician and programmer, child of the flower-power psychedelic ‘60s, it’s amazing he turned out so normal!

Turning his back on a promising academic career to do something more satisfying, as the CEO and co-founder of Chi-Squared Innovations he now works double the hours for half the pay and 10 times the stress - but 100 times the fun!

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Comment by John gorman on February 17, 2016 at 8:56am

Loosely associated is the authors actual free book ;) https://leanpub.com/introductiontoassociationsandcorrelations

Comment by Denis Rasulev on February 14, 2016 at 8:08pm

It says '$10 minimum', so there is no 'free' copy. Please, correct.

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