Are You Concerned Over Systems Security? Cloud Systems Can Be Vulnerable.

In the past couple of months we have seen several major cyber attacks ranging from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to American Airlines. In addition these well known breaches  more than 150 other major data breaches have occurred. This has resulted in the theft of more than 250 million confidential records. Naturally this concerns many large organizations and is leading to massive security infrastructure over halls amongst many fortune 500 organizations.

Data Breaches

Since the beginning of computing, security issues have always been present. Despite numerous advances in electronic security technology there has always been a sort of arms race between security systems and hackers. A recent piece on the "cost of hacking" outlines many of the largest hacks and outlined their impact which has let to millions if not billions of lost revenue. However many of the breaches that occurred came through cloud infrastructure. Although the cloud tends to be quite safe there has been numerous issues with it's security. Despite concerns the clouds champion Apple insists that it is safe. This was to calm Apple Pay users.

What Is Being Targeted?

Although you might envision that the main target of these threats is directly financial most of the threat is aimed at data. Passwords, usernames and emails are the main target. The ability to access individual accounts is more difficult to trace and can have a much larger impact. Typically advanced persistent threats are aimed to large business due to the vast amounts of data.  Another subset of targets is big data. many companies are beginning to utilize Business Intelligence by utilizing vast amounts of information such as on hadoop. However how secure is this data? The reality is that anything can be hacked given the time and expertise. 



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