Announcing Datastream: The Official Greenplum Blog

Announcing the debut of Datastream, Greenplum's official blog, delivering analytics news and exploring emerging data science trends. http://bit.ly/LWAt7c 

We live in a Big Data world, and the data scientist is at the center. Datastream shines a spotlight on the data scientists, practitioners, and innovators who are reaping actionable insight from data and driving change. Exploring the ways Big Data is transforming business and society through profiles and interviews, thought leadership, expert analysis, case studies, and best practices, Datastream offers an opportunity to engage and connect with industry leaders, change agents, and Greenplum experts.

Wherever you may be in the path to leveraging big data in your organization, Greenplum.com provides the resources to explore and engage with new technologies that will transform the way you do business in this new, data-driven world.

How Can Data Science Serve the Public Good? 
Over the course of four seminars, the Big Data for the Public Good series presented a rare opportunity for leading data science thinkers, innovators, and practitioners to explore how the field can serve the public interest. Thought leaders from Stamen Design, DataKind, Nike, and Kaggle explored how Big Data can serve the public good.

Alcohol, Prostitution, and Predictive Modeling 
Bradley Voytek, a Neuroscientist studying human cognition, neuroplasticity, and brain computer interfacing, uses Stamen's Crimespotting data with Uber data to improve predictive modeling of where Uber drivers should be in higher demand.

Can Data Science Revitalize the Music Industry? 
Can the future of the music business be found through data science? That's the idea behind the Music Data Science Hackathon on Saturday, July 21st in London.

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