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If you haven't checked out our newsletter recently, I invite you to do so. The next weekly digest will announce our upcoming Data Science 2.0. book, and a complimentary copy (eBook) will be offered to our subscribers later on.

To make sure that you benefit from these exclusive advantages, check out if you receive our messages:

The sender (the name we use in the "From" field) is usually Data Science Central, and all messages have our physical address (Issaquah, WA) at the bottom, as well as an unsubscribe button. If you use Gmail, check your Social or Promotion tab, and make sure to move our messages to Inbox. This can be done with a simple drag and drop, pointing to the message in question to move it on Inbox. You can choose to have us in your Inbox all the time: just do a Google search on "moving a sender to inbox". On Yahoo mail (and Gmail too), check your spam box: you might find many other valuable messages burried there, and maybe some of our messages.

We are removing subscribers who never check out our newsletter every six months or so, so you might be missing on some great stuff. To stay in our mailing list, make sure that you get our newsletter (and like the content of course), and move us to the right folder for you. Likewise, if you are no longer interested in our messages, the easiest way is to unsubscribe: it is much better than wait 6 months to be automatically removed due to lack of activity. Once removed, you can re-subscribe, though currently you need to use a different email address. We are thinking about making this process easier.

Examples of recent messages from us include:

Not all our email messages are published on the web, and we reserve the right to stop publishing them on the web.

Finally, here's how to subscribe. Please check out this page if you do not remember how you subscribed.

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