AI and Employee experience| How does it positively go together?

Do you know 62% of workforce believe that AI will carry a favourable impact on their jobs?

And 67% say it is necessary to develop the skills for working in coordination with intelligent machines.

As per the research studies, AI will be the driving force behind cultural and economic shifts that will make the workforce more productive and agile. As AI plays a major role in the organisation of actively listening and understanding the perspective of employees. It allows the company to determine what exactly an employee wants and provide suitable information, such as career path recommendations and coaching. With AI algorithms, businesses can now formulate HR strategies that adapt to the particular needs of employees rather being limited by the resource planning of the HR team.

Today’s workforce not only looks forward to have a better workplace, but also expects to have a better brand story that adds credibility to their future career. However, working with a reputed brand in the market adds to the glory of employee experience. With AI tools, the company will be giving a first-hand impression to its employees, a personalised upskilling and experience of training, and an exceptional employee involvement process. These factors enhance the company opinions which leads to an overall improvement of the company brand.

Moreover, AI is also responsible to give minute details of HR processes that can grab the attention of HR managers. This way, the scope of productivity gets improved wherever possible. Not only this, AI plays a predominant role in many other HR processes.

Let's find out how AI can prove to be beneficial for the organisational team:

  • AI offers valuable insights on better interpersonal relationship among team members
  • AI is diligently skilful in handling mental health issues at the workplace
  • AI acts as a good interface in the recruitment process
  • AI improves the onboarding experience of an employee from the first day itself
  • AI promotes tasks automation
  • AI cultivates training paradigms amongst employee's learning prowess

However, AI shows the red flag to signal the HR manager wherever any team member faces difficulty in learning. This will, in turn, enables the HR manager to impart training exercises for improving those skills.

To sum up, AI enables the organisation to comply with HR processes so as to promote the smooth flow of productivity in a systematic manner and also improve the employee experience throughout their journey in the organisation.

Botomation with Tryvium desk empowers the organization to reinforce the AI dream of self-service for employee experience improvement. It gives the large organizations a platform to collaborate and become more interactive by adding value to MS Teams and Skype for the Business platform which focuses on enhancing the employee experience. It also integrates with major ITSM tools, Customer Support systems and CRMs available in the market. With the Tryvium desk, organizations can enhance first call resolution, improve agent productivity and reduce call handling time which makes the employee and their customers experience more powerful.  Botomation is one of our expertly developed applications combining AI and intelligent automation technologies to help companies with digital transformation. Whether it is customer support or employee request, Botomation can always provide near human experience with superior communication.

Many organizations have introduced Botomation in their system to optimize AI in a significant manner that interprets the action relating to business processes and communicates smoothly within the organization. This, in turn, improves operational efficiency and brings down the overhead costs by superseding the routine tasks of employees. It allows the employees to concentrate on higher-value processes which improve productivity by 86%. Botomation also upgrades the HR processes and extend the benefits to employees in the areas of performance review, monthly payroll and travel expense management.

To know more, download the ebook https://botomation.ai/insights/ebooks/ai-and-employee-experience

Please feel free to contact our sales team at +1 732-283-0499.We will be more than happy to assist you. 

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