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Pervasive Big Data

What could High-speed Analytics Do for You?

Is Big Data creating a world full of analytic brainteasers for you? Need to understand online behavior? Detect fraudulent claims? Identify product trends in the supply chain? Predict the next equipment failure?

The answers lie in your accumulated big (and not so big) data – somewhere. A fast path to insight is the analytic power in Pervasive RushAnalyzer. Our visual end-to-end platform can handle all your data, transform it, perform deep analytics, and reporting…all without any coding.

Our customers solve common big data scenarios like these:


Recommender systems to suggest similar products to online users based on their buying history.


Fast, yet sophisticated, matching queries to find related products or people or addresses.


Find the right answer by combing through mountains of sensor data in a few seconds.


Scoring customer care to predict next week’s (and next year’s) needs.


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Want to learn more from one of our analytics specialists? Request a RushAnalyzer briefing today! Our experts will tell you, quickly, if RushAnalyzer can deliver the insight you’re looking for.


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Pervasive Big Data

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