Acronyms of Big Data Analytics from A to Z !

AQL - Annotation Query Language
AOSD - Aspect-Oriented Software Development
ACID - Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability
BDA - Big Data Analytics
CQL - Cypher Query Language
CQL - Cassandra Query Language
CQL - Contextual/Common Query Language
COTS - Commodity off-the-shelf
CART - Classification and Regression Trees
CCA - Canonical Correlational Analysis
CEP - Complex Event Processing
DAD - Discover, Access, Distill
3DM - Data Driven Decision Making
DHSL - Distributed Hadoop Storage Layer
DAG - Directed Acyclic Graph
EDA - Exploratory Data Analysis, Event Driven Architeture
ECL - Enterprise Control Language
EPN - Event Processing Nodes
FUSE - Filesystem in Userspace
GEOFF - Graph Serialization Format
HPCC - High Performance Computing Cluster
HPIL - Hadoop Physical Infrastruture Layer
HAR - Hadoop Archive
IDA - Initial Data Analysis
JSON - JavaScriptObjectNotation Query Language
JAQL - JSON Query Language
JSON - JavaScriptObjectNotation Query Language
KFS - Kosmos File System
LZO - Lempel–Ziv–Oberhumer
MDM - Master Data Management
NLP - Natural Language Processing
OLAP - Online Analytical Processing
OLTP - Online Transactional Processing
PMML - Predictive Model Markup Language
Q - {pending, please share if you have some thing}
RDD - Resilient Distributed Database
SOA - Service Oriented Architeture
S4 - Simple Scalable Streaming System
TDA - Topological Data Analysis
UIMA - Unstructured Information Management Architecture
UDAF - USer Defined Aggregate Function
UDTF - User Defined Tablegenerating Function
VC - Vapnik Chervonekis Dimension
W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
XML - Extensible Markup Language
YARN - Yet Another Resource Manager
ZFS - Zettabyte File System by Sun Mircosystem

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Comment by Vincent Granville on May 26, 2014 at 10:03am

See also the data science alphabet.

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