A Process to minimize the gap between research and its applications

Human history is numerous pieces of evidence, doctrine, theologies through logic, and by extensive research in every field exists in the universe. 

There is a huge gap between research and its practical application. Studies should conduct with enormous responsibility with extreme efforts, but which has a very minimal effect on real-world problems. The majority of the research across the globe appears only in a few journals (s) /books / digital form or in a printed manifestation only that is forgotten by the real-world at the earliest and in the name of the new paradigm of investigate research they are re-inventing the wheel. A huge of this knowledge has been unused or never have the intention of using this with due diligence incomprehension or non-availability to the generations. Which is causing wasting valuable resources of an individual’s/organizations/ educational institutions and might be an enormous burden to their research and findings.

The previous research should be made available to the researchers across the globe to have unique research topics and to get valuable research findings. When any research conducted should not be based on individual preferences (or) benefits to them but keep humanity facing problems as a high priority and inclination to conduct studies.

The best and most resilient and most welcoming choice to reduce this gap is as follows:

  • It should be a need of the hour for global research institutions and corporate organizations should come together to co-operate and co-ordinate in conducting research
  • share common objectives, preferences, benefits and should encourage researchers to work on real-world issues
  • also, fund them to speed up the understanding and resolve the existing problems that the human race challenges in every aspect of their life and that can encourage humans to solve issues collectively
  • hence, establish global peace and transform the world as a universal safest place for living.

In this contemporary world, using the available technology, architecture, and computing power with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can effortlessly summarize the subsist research findings. It can have also help to find the research gaps and future research needs. These algorithmic findings are certainly guidance to the upcoming researchers to create their research objectives and motivate them to provide logic and enormous power to provide, investigate and find solutions where the to the problems in a better/optimal way to scale it up and implement across the globe.

Companies like Google, IBM Watson have already established their NLP tools to summarise the text information to a certain extent. Such companies can co-operate and co-ordinate with the research insinuations and then provide the unique methodologies which can be another level of the business model for the benefit of societies and companies as well.

It’s global researchers’ responsibility to avoid or not to spread the misleading research findings that are confusing to the entire communities across the globe; they should also stop the biased results. Many types of research have ushers to show their presence, which does not significantly have any impact on real-world issues. This habit should stop at the earliest or should able to use these capabilities, funds to find real solutions. And it’s also a huge responsibility to accept the bitter truth research findings and should also adopt.

Finally, exchange ideas and research findings will always help to build good societies for the human race around the globe.

I would be happy to receive your feedback or thought process to enhance this idea to be implemented. Please contact me @ [email protected] or +91-7829033033 to discuss further.

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