Data Visualization happens to be an uncomplicated way of assisting the human memory and enhancing decision making. A number of tools are there that are going to cater to the requirements of having a look at humongous statistics to the tune of Peta and Zeta bytes. Number crunching when the amount of data is huge is an incredibly testing job and this is software that is going to be your buddy in addressing testing business dilemmas.

As an element of this training on data visualization, you are going to learn regarding various drawbacks that even a veteran analyst has got to know. You are going to learn regarding the way of visually representing a social network and also performing social network investigation. This software is considered as a marketplace leader in visualization and in Tableau online training you are going to be taught to perform the information representation in a consequential manner. You are going to learn regarding the way of using least graphics for showcasing utmost business value.


ExcelR presents a comprehensive tutoring of Tableau Desktop 9, Online Certification training offered online for all developers of this software and comprehensive Tableau Server guidance for all administrators of this software. Excelr-Tableau Online training consists of 30 hours of practical exposure to guarantee that all are left with a sense of being a connoisseur at the usage of this software. We’ve taken the industry necessity into consideration and developed the itinerary to guarantee that you have the realistic exposure mandatory to make your way through all the interviews that come your way easily. All case studies clarify right towards the conclusion will only strengthen the practice learning for making you complete for facing the real world jobs & dilemmas that are resolved by the use of this software. The selected datasets ensure that you gain knowledge of all options totally. With loads of business connects you have the chance of knowing about the job prospects that none can otherwise. Mock questions on interviews as well as the ending project would be of help to you in establishing yourself as an adept person in data visualization. Gaining knowledge of the foremost data visualization theories is going to guarantee that you constantly work using a blend of the dos and don ts of Data Visualization and Tableau Tool.

This software features amongst the leaders in data visualization if Gartner’s magic quadrant is anything to go by. The key features of this make it a better choice than additional business intelligence gizmos.

Its key features

  • I can connect to loads of supplementary native databases as well as servers
  • It features loads of analytics capability
  • It can connect with a good number of the foremost Big Data tools
  • It is devised for all end users such that clients can directly make the changes as necessary
  • It features diverse licensing rate for diverse uses of diverse clients
  • Tableau Server helps in management of security & management of reports sharing
  • It’s Desktop’s meant for all developers for developing dashboard, reports, as well as story maps
  • Then there is its Reader and it is meant for any user who is keen on reading visualizations developed by this software


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