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As a compliment to my Oz Analytics blog I've just started a YouTube Channel covering everything you want to know about being an analyst, business analyst, data scientist, and any other data-using role in business today.

I'm doing this because I want to give back a little to the analytic community that has given me such a great career. In short, each video will give you (hopefully useful) tips from a 25 year veteran of the analytic profession. I have done a fair bit in my career from programming to executive roles in corporations around the world. The common theme (if there is any) is analytics across 11 countries and working for the likes of Storebrand (Norway and Iceland), Citigroup (UK, Turkey and Greece), ABN Amro (Netherlands and China), The Theseus Institute (France), NatWest (UK), Information Innovation (Netherlands, Canada and USA), then IAG, AMP, and ING (Australia).

I have just left my job as the head of analytics at News Corp to found a startup called Six Degrees of Data - a text analytics play launching an app that automatically evaluates, summarizes and links your documents to relevant knowledge on the internet.

My hope with the YouTube Channel is that people will find it a useful way to spend a couple of minutes each week.

I may live to regret the name 'The Naked Analyst' but hopefully most viewers will notice that I am, in fact, not broadcasting naked and will move on to more fertile pastures! I chose the name hoping that this will indicate my 'unaligned' status. Unaligned in that I am talking about analytics without any particular bias or influence from the myriad of vendors and consulting companies.

So no hidden agendas and no marketing push to buy the lastest tool from a vendor promising to solve all of the problems in your organisation. Not that this ever happens ...

Here are the first 2 videos. The first is a quick introduction:

Introduction to the channel and a bit about myself and my motivatio...

This second video contains some tips for people who would like to get their first job as an analyst:

How do you get your first job as an analyst? Part 1 of 2.

I've also put together a related playlist on YouTube of a few videos that include those made by others on similar topics that I have found on the net. 30 minutes of watching this whole list should give you some insight into how you can go about finding that first job. Good luck!

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