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First, I invite you to read our newest IoT Central article: The 10 Best Books to Read Now on IoT. IoT stands for Internet of Things, and it is based on sensor data - including API's, machine-generated data, or data from apps - flowing via the Internet, to be processed, analyzed and resulting in actions. It is a new breed of data, using traditional data pipelines (Internet) to move around. 

Second, our popular article Salaries for Hadoop professionals published in 2013 was updated to include Hadoop in the Bay Area for October 2015. The contrast with 2013 is striking. You can follow the guidelines in the article to also create your own customized report, e.g. for London or New York.

Finally, if you missed our Monday digest (check your spam box), we had many great articles and contributions, including:

You can read the full Monday digest here. This most recent edition has over 50 contributions (resources, announcements, articles and more). 

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