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8 Online Classes That Will Make You Smarter About IT

For so long, money has been the deciding factor whether you will get quality education or not more so, learn about IT. Thanks to the internet, this is no longer the case. These days, there are many websites that are dedicated to offering free IT classes to anyone willing. This may be the reason why most people are getting to develop interest in IT than before. It is important that people should embrace the opportunities offered by online classes as a necessity and not an option. Most online schools go an extra mile by providing the students with either diploma or credit at a small fee. This is always an awesome opportunity for anyone who wishes to learn about IT. However, this article is meant to shed some light on top online IT classes that will make you smart. They include;

Data Visualization

Just as the name suggests, Data Visualization entails providing clarity and more insight into a given set of data. Over the years, professional with this skill have been in high demand in the market and often get compensated well for their services. Classes are offered by the University of Illinois for a four week duration through course era. It only requires a student to spare around 4 to 6 hours every week for the entire period. Students who are through with this class are able to visualize basic concepts, relationships, human perception and cognition.

Programming (Python)

When it comes to IT classes, programming is the most important class to learn. However, there are many programming languages that were developed long ago. Some of them like JavaScript and HTML were created long ago are rarely used to create complex programs. If you want to stay up to date with programming, python is the language to learn. It is a simple programming language yet very important for any IT savvy person. It is offered in a number of online institutions free of any charges. For only a period of 12 weeks or less, a student is able to complete introduction into programming.

Game development

Although game development entails programming, it is a vital class itself as an entity. The market today is in need of more game developers as it grows gradually. It therefore means that more game developers are needed in the market to feel the gap of demand. Just like the other classes, one can attend online game development classes from websites like Future Learn and Cyber academy.

Multimedia development

Multimedia development classes will make the student learn how to manipulate graphics, visual effects, animation and motion through the use of multimedia tools. These multimedia tools are essential to the student and they include Audacity, Movie maker, Director MX, Adobe Flash and Adobe after effects. It is a short class lasting about 15 hours and a student can learn at his/her own pace. Multimedia classes are offered for free from Allison. A student with knowledge of fundamental multimedia skills is highly required in the market today which makes this class very important.

Introduction to Linux

In order for any IT oriented person to be smarter in today’s world, they should have basic knowledge of Linux. These classes are offered by edX being sponsored by The Linux foundation. The core aim to to teach the student how to manage their Linux accounts on daily basis as an administrator. Basically, this free course will teach a Linux user how to be familiar with the graphics and command interfaces. The classes are estimated to averagely last 50 hours to complete.

Google Analytics

Just as the name suggests, Google Analytics classes are offered by Google for free. This course is intended by Google to help the student solve problems relating to online marketing and ease up traffic on search engines. It is a crucial for any IT expert with interests in online marketing. Furthermore, the IT experts can offer the knowledge gained to help businesses further sell their products smoothly on the web.

Mobile app development

It goes without saying that the market today is filled with innovative mobile apps that have helped people on a day to day basis. Even so, there is still a wide supply and demand gap for quality mobile applications. This translates to the need for more mobile application developers. Using the MIT concept, “Building Mobile Experiences” edX is offering this class for free for about 10 hours per week. It is important for any IT specialist to be acquainted with this concept in order to be successful in the business.

Web Development

It has become a norm today that every institution, organization or even a town to have a website. For any IT professional to lack basic skills of developing a website is considered to be a big mistake. So, in order to quantify yourself as a smart IT professional, it is important to attend web development classes. Needless to say, a web developer earns huge salaries for any job done.

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Comment by Edward Lindahl on August 26, 2015 at 8:01am

Thanks for the recommendations, but shouldn't there be links for each specific class?


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