6 Reasons for Investing Some Time to Learn Tableau

I have seen a few mentions of Tableau in my feed and wanted to offer some thoughts on why I strongly suggest data scientists investing a few hours to learn the basics of Tableau.

(1)   Tableau is widely used. Many people that have reporting functions rely on Tableau so knowing the basics is helpful to your business and clients.

(2)   Tableau is great for quick data visualizations and for generating some insights into the data and variable relationships.

(3)   Tableau as Extract, Transform and Loading features for those who want to go beyond basic reporting

(4)   Tableau can be integrated with programming languages including R and Python

(5)   Tableau can be quickly linked to a large number of different data sources

(6)   There are terrific, free MOOCs for learning Tableau including Coursera, Udacity, and edX  

Have fun exploring Tableau - it is a terrific piece of software. 

After learning the basics, then you can decide how much deeper you want to go!

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