50 unusual ways analytics are used to make our lives better

Many more to come soon. Let's start with 10 for today.
  1. Automated patient diagnostic and customized treatment. Instead of going to the doctor, you fill an online (decision tree type of) questionnaire. At the end of the online medical exam, customized drugs are prescribed, manufactured and delivered to you: for instance, male drug abusers receive a different mix than healthy females, for the same condition. In short, doctors and pharmacists are replaced by robots and algorithms.
  2. Movie recommendations for family members. Allows parents to select age, gender, language, viewing history to optimize recommendations for individual family members.
  3. Scoring technology. Computation of your FICO score, algorithms to determine the chance for an Internet click (in a rare bucket of clicks lacking historical data) to convert or for a patient to recover -- based on analytical scores with confidence intervals. Issues: score standardization, score blending and score consistency over time and across clients.
  4. Detection of fake book reviews (Amazon) and fake restaurant reviews (Zagat).
  5. Detection of plagiarism, spam, as well as people sharing paid accounts and pirated movies with friends and colleagues.
  6. Automated sentencing for common crimes, using a crime score based on simple factors. This eliminates some lawyer and court costs.
  7. Testing athletes for fraud: To boost performance, some athletes now keep blood samples from themselves in the freezer, and inject it back into their system when participating in a competition, to boost red cells count and performance while making detection impossible. 
  8. Detecting election fraud.
  9. Semi-automated car driving. Software to guess user behavior, avoiding collisions by having automated pilot to bypass human driving as needed. And also providing directions when you are driving in a place where GPS does not work (due to inability to connect with navigation satellites, typically in remote areas).
  10. When you obtain a mortgage, immediately sense if the calculated monthly payment makes sense. It happened to me: they mixed up 30 and 15 years (that was their explanation for the huge error in their favor): I believe it was fraud, and if you are not analytical enough to catch these "errors" right away, you will be financially abused. In this example, you need to be able to mentally compute a mortgage monthly payment given the length and interest rate. Similar arguments apply to all financial products that you purchase.

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