50+ free online resources to learn more about data science and analysis

This list is a shorter version of the post that I published in my blog a few weeks ago: 75+ free online resources to boost your data science and analysis s...

This list is obviously bias toward my preferences and experience. Moreover, I realised that some interesting topics as data visualization and experiment design are not properly covered. That’s why any suggestion in the comments of this post is more than welcome.

Machine learning

I selected those resources that are more suitable for beginners together with the parts of machine learning that I like the most.



Once you are familiar with Python, the following resources for machine learning and data analysis can take your skills to the next level:


I’ve been trying hard to like R. It’s been in fact more than 5 years of trying to like it and I just simply prefer Python. In any case, I still frequently launch an R prompt to use some fantastic packages that R has.

Applying data science to your organization

To end with, some examples on how data science and machine learning can be used to add value to your organization:

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Comment by Klodian on October 30, 2015 at 10:36am

Hi, thank you for the great list. For future update you might consider to add this website to R list: datascienceplus.com

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