50 free copies of data science book, signed by the author: get yours!

Fifty copies of my Wiley book are available for the first 50 bloggers posting an original, relevant, non-promotional article, in our blog section.

Your article will be featured in our weekly digest. Other benefits of blogging with us:

  • You might also be contacted by Carol Long (Executive Acquisition Editor at Wiley) to discuss the possibility of writing a book
  • Former DataScienceCentral bloggers have been offered great jobs and other career opportunities, including a PhD scholarship

Your article can be technical and even include source code, or it can be high-level, more mainstream but still relevant to data science.

If interested, email me at [email protected], once your blog post is featured. Don't forget to mention your mailing address. All postings are subject to approval. Duplicate content (posted elsewhere) may not be accepted. Not all blog posts get featured.

This offer is currently limited to US and Canada (due to shipping costs).

Best regards,

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