50 external machine learning / data science resources and articles

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  1. 10 Misconceptions about Neural Networks **
  2. Deep Learning Libraries by Language 
  3. A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning 
  4. A Byte of Python - Free Python eBook (Tutorial) 
  5. TauCharts. Data focused javascript charting library *
  6. Bokeh is a Python interactive visualization library **
  7. Ebook: Data, all about Big Data ecosystem 
  8. How a Kalman filter works, in pictures 
  9. A Beginner’s Guide to SQL 
  10. How to Become a Data Scientist for Free - By Nir Goldstein
  11. How to Become a Data Scientist for Free - By Zeeshan Usmani
  12. The advantage of short paper titles ** - Technical
  13. Staying in Control with Moving Averages *
  14. How does a relational database work 
  15. Understanding the DNA of Data Science - Booz Hallen Hamilton
  16. Machine Learning in 7 Pictures 
  17. These 4 data sets all have the same mean and variance 
  18. Data science projects using Python 
  19. Five data science projects to learn data science 
  20. A 6-Step Guide To Tracking Social Media In Google Analytics 

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  1. Python for Quants. Volume I. 
  2. Six Types Of Analyses Every Data Scientist Should Know 
  3. Virality Prediction and Community Structure in Social Networks **
  4. Why The Internet of Things will drive a Knowledge Revolution 
  5. Mapping Twitter Topic Networks **
  6. Newest cyber threat will be data manipulation, US intelligence chie... 
  7. How we cracked millions of Ashley Madison bcrypt hashes efficiently 
  8. Far more people have had their electronic medical data hacked - than have ever accessed them
  9. Interesting visualization **
  10. Rankings of the best NoSL databases, based on user reviews 
  11. Interpreting Correlations *
  12. The one language a Data Scientist must master 
  13. 25 Cartoons To Give Current Big Data Hype A Perspective 
  14. Automated analysis of free speech predicts psychosis onset in high-...*
  15. Mapping the Geology of the World's Ocean Floor *
  16. The 5 commandments for what makes a good data visualization *
  17. Nice age pyramid (animated picture) **
  18. Are you a data scientist? **
  19. Database expert on why NoSQL mattered, and SQL still matters 
  20. Should search algorithms be moral? - A conversation with Google’s in-house philosopher
  21. Hard Data vs. Soft Data: What’s the Difference? 
  22. 101 Tips to Drive Major Marketing Results with Big Data 
  23. Here's how much people across the world think their data is worth **
  24. Questions Google Suggests Asking When You're Hiring Data Scientists 
  25. The U.K. Is Testing Roads That Recharge Your Electric Car As You Drive 
  26. The strange, unwilling role Yelp plays in Internet shaming - About algorithms to detect hate speech on Yelp
  27. Salaries by Roles in Data Science and Business Intelligence 
  28. The Geography of America's Beer Preferences **
  29. Q & A with Pedro Domingos: Author of ‘The Master Algorithm’ 
  30. 30 tweetable quotes about Data Science 

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