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1) Actian — Business-oriented data management solutions to transact, analyze and take automated action across business operations. They have successfully incorporated technologies such as Ingres, Pervasive and ParAccell. 10,000 paying customers are a major asset. 

2) Actifio — Infrastructure player with a compelling ROI value proposition of minimizing copies of data — a key hygiene factor in managing Big Data in the enterprise. They have a lot of momentum with a potential IPO in 2014. 

3) Aerospike — Real-time Big Data analytics with a hybrid approach. They promise the speed of an In-Memory database with the persistence of rotational drives. They are classified as the only “visionary” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for operational database management systems. 

4) Alpine Data Labs — Predictive analytics platform using Hadoop. Targeted at customers that have taken the first step with Hadoop and want to deploy advanced analytics solutions. They have several banking customers including Barclays. Other customers include Sony, Nike and Kaiser Permanente. 

5) Alteryx — SAS alternative for statistical analysis applications such as marketing analytics with an advanced visualization story based on R statistical-programming language. Their success will depend on how well they execute on the consumer-friendly promise with traditional users. Customers include Paychex, Kroger, Michaels and Equifax. 

6) Appfluent — Addresses an immediate practical requirement to manage the coexistence of Hadoop in the traditional IT environment. They promise to reduce waste by analyzing business activity and data usage across traditional data warehouses and identify data that can be offloaded to Hadoop. Customers include Pfizer and Union Bank of California. 

7) Attivio — Advanced content analytics across data silos with a few twists such as intelligent correlation. This is a variation of Endeca (acquired by Oracle) with a technical value proposition with an engineering centric DNA from Mathworks and Ab Initio. 

8) Ayasdi — Machine learning with high-end visualization of complex data sets based on topological data analysis. Partnering with Texas Medical Center and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Customers include UCSF, Merck and GE. 

9) C3global — Predictive operational analytics for manufacturing, energy and utilities based in Scotland with a measurable ROI value proposition. Customers include Chevron, National Grid (UK) and SA Water (Australia). 

10) ClearStory — High-speed data analytics and visualization using In-Memory database technology andApache Spark clustering system. Google pedigree from the designers of Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Customers are the Dannon Company, Kantar Media and DataSift (see below). 

11) Cloudera — Market leader that was a pioneer in 2009 with the Hadoop platform and founders from Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Oracle. They have parlayed their pioneer status to become an influential member of the Big Data ecosystem. 

12) DataKind — Outstanding story of non-profit of data scientists for social change. They bring high-end skills to disenfranchised communities and social organizations and tackle complex problems such as natural disasters and crimes using data analytics. 

13) Datameer — Brings Big Data technologies to business users familiar with using spreadsheets for analyzing and presenting data for traditional BI solutions. Extensive list of customers includes Sears, Workday and Visa. 

14) DataSift — Leading data aggregator and reseller for Twitter and other social media sources. Based in the UK. Major player in emerging data ecosystem around Twitter. Prominent customers include Dell, Yum Brands and CBS interactive. 

15) DataStax — Ecosystem player and commercial vendor for enterprise-ready Casandra, Apache Hadoop and Apache Solr. Rapid adoption in the last two years leading to 300 customers including Adobe, eBay, Thomson Reuters and Netflix as well as 20 of the Fortune 100.

Read full list and full version of the article. Also, feel free to add companies that are missing - I would add Tibco, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and quite a few others - including (not a company) NSA. and NASA.

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Comment by Mohit Rathore on May 22, 2014 at 11:48pm

Fractal Analytics is another company which has numerous Fortune 500 clients. In CPG especially they are leaders.

Comment by Kumar Chinnakali on May 21, 2014 at 2:48pm

Nice Collect ! In this series hope we could add Crayon Data could be added - Young company but with strategic view.

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