5 Specific Questions to ask before embarking on a Big Data Project

When an organisation embarks on a Big Data project, it’s a journey laden with lots of landmines. Even if one is unable to manage one risk, it has the potential to derail a Big Data project even if one was able successfully evade other risks. As they say “A chain is as strong as its weakest link”. So what are the weak links in a Big data project? What are the 5 key questions to ask before embarking on a big data project so that one is able to mitigate the risks from these weak links and steer it towards a successful implementation. Based on real life experiences from the trenches we have outlined out top 5 Big Data questions which we feel are extremely vital to pose upfront before spending dollars on a big data project

We have seen the importance of managing weak links in a Big Data implementation by asking 5 important questions.
1. “Dent test” : What is $ denting use case using the big data stack?
2. “Intersect” test : Which event data streams are we finding value in?
3. “Tool Components” test : Which Big data Components are required and when?
4. “Chunk” test : Are we delivering a high impact business output in 60-90 days?
5. “Coexistence” : How do we co-exist with existing DW/BI solutions in place?

Each of these 5 questions are ellaborated in detail at http://blog.fluturasolutions.com/2012/06/big-data-illusions-5-quest...

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