5 Reasons you should take part in Hackathons

Data is growing, and hence is the requirement for perfect decision making by companies. In this era where analytics is the new buzzword, companies are looking for able and determined Data Scientists.

But as always, the quest to get the sexiest and the highest paying job is not an easy task. For acquiring such a demanding position one must be well skilled and experienced.

Don’t freak out! Because now a days a lot of resources and tips are available to be perfect in what you are doing. Coming to analytics, there are many ways to earn skills but the most trending and effective one now is “Hackathons”

Taking part in hackathons will make people discover their real analytics potentials.

 “You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great”

Hackathons seem to be tuff, but in reality they aren’t. You need to get your hands dirty to see how it comes out at the end.

Here are certain reasons why you should take part in these very intriguing Hackathons.

1. Get to know your abilities by competing against thousands of data scientists across the globe.

The contests will be acute, energetic and full of thrust. Competing with so many able and efficient data scientists will increase your time management and brainstorming skills. Solving a dataset in so much pressure will prove the recruiters watching your scores that, your productivity will get them a lot of acheivements.

Anyone who doesn’t give up in the hackathon and fights till the end is the winner. Either you take back the winning prizes or lots of newly acquired knowledge and skills to become a better data scientist.

2. Experience the power of the analytics community

The feeling when many data practitioners work together on the same problem while sharing their approaches and insights is exceptional.

Get to solve real time datasets and give yourself a position against the best brains in the industry. Be prepared to apply all your acquired skills and exploit them to the fullest. All variations of hackathons are lined up online starting from strategic thinking, machine learning, visualization, data mining, hiring hacks and many more.

3. Get real time feedback and assess your skillsets.

Your approach and tricks will be evaluated by the hackathon conducting team and you will be allotted a score. In this case you will get a clear idea about the positioning of your approach. This is a great opportunity for you to understand how your solution fares amongst the all others.

This is not it – you may also get a chance to interact with other participants through the channel where you can get solutions from people who participated.

4. Make your CV look unique.

As you know recruitment has become a lot tougher with huge number of CV’s pilling in the recruiters table, we need to do something different to get highlighted. Include your certificates you won from these hackathons to prove them that you are unique.

Not only this! Your reach to many recruiters will be far more visible if you happen to be a part of these contests with all your dedication.

5. Take back unbelievable prizes with you

If you are that spectacular data scientist among all the global data freaks then do not give a thought at all before participating. Because, the usually the prizes allotted in such competitions are very alluring and huge.

Doesn’t that sound like a promising activity? This may be your best chance to upscale your career in a direction you had always dreamt of. Be among the fighters and jump into the battlefield to make your own dream empire.

Here is a list of hackathons I have spotted out in one of the famous analytics community. I found that this month they have created a really great variation of contests and workshops for the data geeks. Enter Here: New Competitions.

 “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it”

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