5 Disuptive Health Care Big Data Use Cases

Health care is ripe for Big data disruption because of 3 reasons

Reason-1 : It has large pools of  untapped data pools which are not “juiced” for patient care intelligence
Reason-2 : Healthcare is definitely ripe for disruption using advanced data analytic
Reason-3 : The outcomes of disruptive transformation touch people in a very human way
In this blog we will share 5 sample use cases from our extensive use case catalogue designed to extract knowledge about patient care patterns from unstructured transcripts of doctors, nurses and diagnostic lab along with location data available from new instrumented devices
Use case-1: Keyword mining of doctor’s/Lab transcripts using text mining and co-relations to patient outcomes.
Use case-2: Location aware application analytics for enhancing customer experience and optimizing nurse/doctor deployment
Use case-3: Telemedicine Analytics
Use case-4: Apriori sequence analysis to define new clinical pathways
Use case-5: Adverse events signal analysis sandbox
Each of these use cases are ellaborated at 
We strongly believe Patient data can be the lifeblood of a care giverand must be treated like gold. Patient care intelligence platform can serve as a bridge between care providers good intentions and patient’s experience of human touch by harvesting new pattern signals to trigger personalized actions.

Bertrand Russell was right when he said “One must care about a world one cannot see”. Flutura is proud to advance these 5 Health care use cases which can be used to “see” a new world of “Health care signals” in the avalanche of patient care data thereby improving the human condition.
Each of these use cases are ellaborated at 

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Comment by Ravi on September 21, 2015 at 9:31pm

Good list....

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