49 Machine Learning Resources and Related Articles from Top Bloggers

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  1. Assumptions of Linear Regression **
  2. Support Vector Machines for beginners **
  3. Visualizing Representations: Deep Learning and Human Beings **
  4. Predictive Modeling in R & Topic Modeling in Python - Tutorials (Videos)
  5. Correlation and Linear Regression 
  6. Lower Bound for the Number of Examples Needed for Learning - PDF document
  7. Plotly Offline for RStudio and Shiny 
  8. Introduction to Circular Statistics – Rao’s Spacing Test 
  9. 50+ free online resources to learn more about data science and anal... 
  10. Anomaly Detection in Predictive Maintenance with Time Series Analysis 
  11. Beautiful dendrogram visualizations in R **
  12. R Programming: 35 Job Interview Questions and Answers 

Source: Resource #3


  1. 100 open source Big Data architecture papers for data professionals 
  2. What is Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics? A Real World Exa... 
  3. Watch a neural network describe what it sees on a stroll through Am... 
  4. 10 steps to prepare for a data science interview 
  5. The Difference Between Junior, Mid-Level, And Senior Data Scientist... 
  6. The blind spots for analysis 
  7. Data Storage on DNA Can Keep It Safe for Centuries 
  8. Single Artificial Neuron Taught to Recognize Hundreds of Patterns 
  9. About Pi - Interesting Formulas
  10. The Deep Learning Gold Rush of 2015 
  11. 7 Reasons why the Algorithmic Business will Change Society 
  12. 5 Tribes of Machine Learning 
  13. The hardest parts of data science 
  14. Devils Data Dictionary – Big Data Humor 
  15. Five Forces Pushing Statistics Expertise Out of Data Analysis 
  16. Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine 
  17. Encryption Is Being Scapegoated To Mask The Failures Of Mass Survei... 
  18. Encrypted Messaging Apps Face New Scrutiny Over Possible Role in Pa... 
  19. Text Analytics Gurus Debunk Four Big Data Myths 
  20. Google Just Open Sourced the Artificial Intelligence Engine at the ... 
  21. An Inconvenient Proof 
  22. Latest Ford Focus electric creates 10 terabytes of data, per hour! 
  23. Will NoSQL be the undoing of Oracle's database reign? 
  24. Google's Inbox uses machine learning to speed up email replies 
  25. Pluto gets a little psychedelic in this week's space photos - Nice image produced with principal components analysis
  26. Autism cases in U.S. jump to 1 in 45 - Example of bad analysis: there are more White people with autism than from other races, because there are more Whites than other races in US. When accounted for this fact, the conclusion must be reversed.
  27. Google Maps Gets Offline Navigation And Search 
  28. Tackling the Challenges of Big Data - MIT course
  29. Toyota Investing $1B in Artificial Intelligence Research 
  30. Accenture invests in artificial intelligence R&D 
  31. Twitter Engineering Manager Leslie Miley Leaves Company Because Of ...- classifier that attempts to guess race based on name is backfiring
  32. When I started programming - Comics
  33. 6 crazy things Deep Learning and Topological Data Analysis can do w... 
  34. Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a sing... 
  35. Google says it's 'rethinking everything' around machine learning 
  36. A Year-Long US Road Trip for 70-Degree Weather Every Day 
  37. The Data Science Machine, or ‘How To Engineer Feature Engineering’ 

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