43 Data Science Thought Leaders, According to Berkeley University

This is not a comprehensive list. Their data science lab was conducting a survey about defining big data. They asked many leading practitioners to provide a definition earlier this month, below are those who accepted / found the time to respond. The order in the Berkeley list below is random, I believe. 

Source for picture: O'Reilly Survey

The Data Science Berkeley List 

  1. John Akred, Founder and CTO, Silicon Valley Data Science
  2. Philip Ashlock, Chief Architect of Data.gov
  3. Jon Bruner, Editor-at-Large, O’Reilly Media
  4. Reid Bryant, Data Scientist, Brooks Bell
  5. Mike Cavaretta, Data Scientist and Manager, Ford Motor Company
  6. Drew Conway, Head of Data, Project Florida
  7. Rohan Deuskar, CEO and Co-Founder, Stylitics
  8. Amy Escobar, Data Scientist, 2U
  9. Josh Ferguson, Chief Technology Officer, Mode Analytics
  10. John Foreman, Chief Data Scientist, MailChimp
  11. Daniel Gillick, Senior Research Scientist, Google
  12. Vincent Granville, Co-Founder, Data Science Central
  13. Annette Greiner, Lecturer, UC Berkeley School of Information
  14. Seth Grimes, Principal Consultant, Alta Plana Corporation
  15. Joel Gurin, Author of Open Data Now
  16. Quentin Hardy, Deputy Tech Editor, The New York Times
  17. Harlan Harris, Director, Data Science at Education Advisory Board
  18. Jessica Kirkpatrick, Director of Data Science, InstaEDU
  19. David Leonhardt, Editor, The Upshot, The New York Times
  20. Hilary Mason, Founder, Fast Forward Labs
  21. Deirdre Mulligan, Associate Professor, UC Berkeley School of Information
  22. Sharmila Mulligan, CEO and Founder, ClearStory Data
  23. Sean Patrick Murphy, Consulting Data Scientist, Co-Founder of a stealth startup
  24. Prakash Nanduri, Co-Founder, CEO and President, Paxata, Inc
  25. Chris Neumann, CEO and Co-Founder, DataHero

Click here to see full commented list on Berkeley University's website.

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