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  1. The Upbeat Stats on Statistics | WSJ
  2. Big Data and the Internet of Things
  3. 10 R packages every data scientist should know about
  4. Building recommendation platforms with Hadoop
  5. The 3Vs that define Big Data | DSC
  6. Fast clustering algorithms for massive datasets | BDN
  7. Big Data Analytics Masters Degrees: 20 Top Programs
  8. Top Ten Big Data Pure-Plays | Forbes
  9. Salary/Income of Analytics/Data Mining/Data Science professionals
  10. Fast Data Gets a Jump on Big Data | Forbes
  11. ‘Big data’ poses big problem for Pentagon
  12. Great statistical analysis: forecasting meteorite hits | AB
  13. BigData in Human Resources: Talent Analytics Comes of Age | Forbes
  14. ‘Big Data’, ‘Who Owns the Future?’ and ‘To Save Everything, Click H...
  15. To Continue Growing, Quit The Big Job | Forbes
  16. Should companies ban telecommuting? | AB
  17. The winner of the 2012 Government Big Data Solutions Award is the N...
  18. Data Crunchers Now the Cool Kids on Campus
  19. Mapping happiness in American cities
  20. Hadoop: The Foundation For Change
  21. A Tableau Solution To Those Excel Blues | Forbes
  22. To Centralize Analytics or Not, That is the Question | Forbes
  23. KDNuggets' report on data science graduate programs.
  24. Sophisticated Analytics Without Expensive Data Scientists | Forbes
  25. Seven dirty secrets of data visualisation
  26. New York University launches initiative to train the next generatio...
  27. Product Network Analysis – The Next Big Thing in Retail Data Mining
  28. What Data Can’t Do
  29. Algorithms: The Silent Game Changer in Big Data
  30. Intel Ties Xeon to Enterprise Grade Hadoop - Datanami
  31. Data Science or Analytics? | Forbes
  32. 5 Must Watch YouTube Videos on Big Data
  33. EMC launches Hadoop distribution, takes aim at Cloudera | ZDNet
  34. Big Data and the BI Ecosystem
  35. For ‘House of Cards,’ Using Big Data to Guarantee Its Popularity
  36. BI and Big data | Business intelligence and Big Data: Hadoop YELLOW...
  37. Why IT Fumbles Analytics | Harvard Business Review
  38. Alteryx Publishes “Big Data Analytics for Dummies” | SiliconANGLE
  39. Broadening Participation in Data Mining
  40. Bubble My Page Visualization

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