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  1. Comprehensive guide for Data Exploration in R 
  2. Kaggle R Tutorial on Machine Learning 
  3. What is Data Munging? An Example 
  4. Building Analytics at 500px 
  5. Interview Questions for Data Scientist Positions * - See chart at the bottom explaining isotonic (piecewise linear) regression (useless for predictive analytics)
  6. Analyzing and Visualizing Flows in Rivers and Lakes with MATLAB 
  7. 50+ Data Science and Machine Learning Cheat Sheets 
  8. Must read books for people interested in Analytics 
  9. Step by Step guide to learn Time Series Modelling 
  10. Comprehensive Guide to Data Visualization in R 
  11. Data Exploration using Pandas in Python 
  12. Data science book for ordinary people 

Source: article #9, below


  1. A Breakthrough Approach to Making Data Useful **
  2. Cars Broadcasting Speed and Location Data - Privacy and data security issue, could be used by insurance companies and law enforcement
  3. Why some Big Data projects fail to launch 
  4. Welcome to DotCity: a game about demography, built using R 
  5. Data science is still white hot, but nothing lasts forever - Except that those who automate data science are... data scientists. 
  6. Data Science as a profession – time is now 
  7. User experience versus design - Nice illustration
  8. Rival robot cars meet on California highway - I would imagine plenty of simulations were done before letting these cars drive on public roads. This is indeed a non-event.
  9. The Connectivity Challenge in Africa **
  10. Can an Algorithm Hire Better Than a Human? 
  11. The total value of Upper East Side homes is greater than that of se...**
  12. Greece’s Debt Due: What Greece Owes When **
  13. Somebody Is Cutting Internet Cables, Causing Massive Outages 
  14. Payment-by-selfie is nearly a reality 
  15. Predicting the Big Earthquake 
  16. Scientists have discovered how the month you’re born predicts your ... 
  17. Statisticians have determined the safest hideout for a zombie apoca... 
  18. Machine ethics: The robot’s dilemma 
  19. Artificial Intelligence - Science Magazine Special Issue 

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