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32 Big data "gotchas" from the trenches in exactly 3 words

1.Usecase ! Usecase ! Usecase

2.Decode intent proxies!

3.Think "20-100 X Scalability" blindspots

4.Actions not insights

5.Frame unanswered questions !

6.Embedd MachineLearning processes !

7.Humanize analytical output !

8.Ingest unstructured data

9.Quantify $ impact !

10.Deepdive into "Architecture weaklinks" !

11.Iterate ! Iterate ! Iterate !

12.Deliver immersive interface !

13.Filter out 'architecture noise'

14.Dont over Engineer !

15.Tightly couple frontline-channels !

16.Mash disparate datapools !

 16 more @ ...
We will dynamically sharing this blog with our learnings on live Big Data  projects ... stay tuned ...

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